I Cast all my own work The casting process is an integral part of my creative process .

My process begins with working from life in clay from which a flexible mould is made.

A wax cast is then taken from this which is were the 2nd stage of the creative process

begins, The wax is extensively worked on and direct * wax pieces are added .

The work is then cast into bronze, this is the 3rd stage , often the final pieces is made as an assemblage of separately cast pieces welded together,

The 4th and final stage is the patina  , I strongly believe in polychromed sculpture, the idea that sculpture should  monochrome is a 19th century aberration 

Pouring Bronze at 1200˚c into ceramic shell moulds

Pouring Bronze at 1200˚c into ceramic shell moulds

*direct wax, is when wax is used to create an original (rather than as an intermedite step between the clay original and the bronze) then cast - directly into bronze ,this is the orgin of the term 'lost wax' because the original wax is destroyed in the casting process, if the cast fails the work is lost for ever