Philip Wakeham is a Self taught contemporary figurative sculptor working exclusively in Bronze.


The human body is the best picture of the human soul.  Ludwig Wittgenstein


I belive it is the job of the artist to produce symbols of non verbal understanding 

My work is visual art, this is important to understand, It is to be understood through your eyes , and allowed room to connect with the viewer beyond words. Its fun to talk about things to converse , it is one of the joys of being human, but so much cannot be expressed in words, words can only discribe what you already know, or try to comunicate something new through analogy with what you already know, Blue can never be comunicated in words .

The visual has a direct path into our minds and hearts , i aspire to create work so beautiful so arresting , that for if just one moment all throught stops, 



All though I did attend art school none of the skills I uses were learnt there with the exception of the ceramic shell casting process I learnt at the Royal Academy of Art under David Reid, though by then i had already taught myself lost wax casting with pewter in my kitchen .Everything eles was  from books  and endless experimentation and a some what reckless willingness to learn through actualy doing . My first foundry was in a wooden garden shed behind a cafe in  Abingdon town centre . 

But before that I  learnt to draw  most notable from Figure drawing by Anthony Ryder , And an obsession with understanding the subtlety of human expression , I used to take photographs of actors , this was in the days of VCR and film cameras , no HD screen captures , just watching a film and trying to press the shutter at the right moment , with only 24 tries before waiting to get the pictures back from Boots to see if i was successful i considered just one useable picture out of 24 a success . 


Once i had learnt to draw , the sculpting came easy as effectively a sculpture is just multiple drawings of the same subject all condensed into one art work